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Passive Fire Protection for the Education Sector

Our industry-leading passive fire protection services cater to all forms of education buildings, from Primary and Secondary schools, to Colleges and Universities. Fire safety in educational institutions is critical, these premises house a significant number of students and staff – so trust Ark Fire Protection, we have years of experience in safeguarding UK education buildings against the threat of fire.

    Experienced Passive Fire Protection Services for Education Buildings

    With a strong commitment to student safety, our team has extensive expertise in operating within open environments throughout the UK. Our primary focus lies in prioritising the safety of both staff and students, while simultaneously delivering top-notch passive fire protection solutions. Given that educational institutions are highly regulated spaces, we deeply understand the significance of compliance and maintain close collaboration with our clients to ensure that all standards are met.

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    Ark’s Passive Fire Protection Services for the Education Sector

    Explore our range of passive fire protection services tailored for educational institutions throughout the United Kingdom. Our utmost priorities encompass two fundamental objectives: enhancing structural safety to facilitate swift evacuations and mitigating fire-related risks. Take a moment to delve into our service offerings outlined below.

    Fire Stopping

    Fire stopping is a critical process that involves sealing openings to prevent the passage of fire, smoke, and heat in different areas of a building. By creating fire-resistant compartments that divide the building both vertically and horizontally, the spread of fire can be effectively contained. It’s important to implement fully compliant fire stopping measures in buildings to minimise potential risks to students and confine the spread of fire.

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    Fire Doors

    Fire doors play a crucial role in maintaining compartmentation within educational buildings. At Ark Fire Protection, we specialise in a wide range of services dedicated to fire doors. Whether you require a new door closer or a comprehensive upgrade to meet industry standards, our team ensures top-notch fire door maintenance and installation with third-party accreditation.

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    Intumescent Coatings

    Intumescent coatings for structural steel offer a proven and reliable solution for protecting buildings against potential structural damage. We exclusively utilise intumescent coatings that undergo rigorous testing and comply with EU standards. Our clients can trust in the advanced fire protection provided by these coatings, which effectively minimise threats to the structural integrity of their buildings.

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    External Fire Barriers

    External Fire Barrier systems provide an effective solution for halting the spread of fire and smoke in roof and ceiling areas, as well as concealed voids within buildings. These systems are specifically designed to be suitable for voids located up to 10.5 metres. Vertical fire barrier systems ensure both insulation and integrity for up to 120 minutes, while friction fire barrier slabs offer protection for a duration of up to 60 minutes.

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    Fire Curtains

    Ark Fire Protection specialises in the installation and maintenance of fire curtains made from flexible fibre. These curtains are specifically designed for challenging areas or spaces with limited structural support, such as ceiling voids or lofts. Whether you require enhanced integrity or insulation, we provide a comprehensive range of fire curtains customised to meet your specific requirements.

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    Fire partitioning is a safety measure used during the construction of education institutions to prevent the spread of fire. It involves creating internal walls and ceilings that contain the fire within a specific room or area of the building for a limited time. This allows students and staff to find escape routes and minimises damage to the building as only a designated area is affected.

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    Fire Remedial Works

    Our FRA services for educational buildings involve reinstating or implementing passive fire protection measures that currently fall short of the required fire safety standards. Our remedial works for fire risk assessment aim to elevate your building’s fire safety standards to the necessary level, in compliance with the latest guidelines and regulations.

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    Our Accreditations

    When it comes to Passive Fire Protection, you need a company that you can rely on. Ark Fire Protection is proud to be accredited by the leading industry bodies – ensuring that we always meet the highest standards of quality and safety, and that our customers can always expect a first-class service.


    We’re also ISO 9001 certified, meaning that our quality management systems are regularly audited and approved. So when you choose Ark Fire Protection, you can be confident that you’re making the best possible decision for your property.

    Full-Scope Passive Fire Protection for the Education Sector

    We specialise in providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions for passive fire protection in the education sector. Our services encompass design, installation, maintenance, and remedial works. By adopting a holistic approach, we guarantee that your building is equipped with cutting-edge PFP systems that adhere to the highest industry standards. You can rely on us to deliver a reliable and all-encompassing solution to safeguard your premises against fire hazards. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can ensure the safety of your building.

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    Great projects start with great technology

    Onetrace is a powerful cloud-based application that is supporting Ark Fire Protection to raise standards across the fire protection industry.


    Providing Ark with one system to capture, monitor, review and report on all fire protection work being conducted in real time.

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    Ark Fire Protection

    Ark Fire Protection can supply and install a full range of solutions for fire stopping not limited to but including, load-bearing compound fire seals, batt and mastic seals, graphite’s, wraps, collars and linear joint seals incorporating deflection when needed. All fire stopping installations are third party accredited by FIRAS scheme, Health & Safety accredited and ISO 9001 quality assured.

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    Fire Stopping Regulations for Educational Institutions

    Ark Fire Protection guarantees that education institutions across the UK maintain compliance with fire regulations. Our skilled team offers a diverse selection of passive fire protection products to help you meet these standards effectively.


    According to the 2020 amendments to the Building Regulations Act of 2010 on Fire Safety for Volume 1: Dwellings, it is imperative for buildings to effectively inhibit the spread of fire through internal linings, while also satisfying additional stipulations.


    • The premature collapse of the structure is avoided
    • Adequate measures have been taken to ensure that there is enough distance between buildings and within buildings to prevent the spread of fire
    • Wherever it is needed, automatic fire suppression is available.
    • The spread of fire and smoke in cavities is limited


    The document and its amendments establish the appropriate protocols for the implementation of fire stopping measures. Our team of experts can provide invaluable assistance throughout this process to guarantee the utmost protection for your project.

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    Working With Leading Manufacturers

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