Derby Housing Development

We were tasked with implementing comprehensive passive fire protection systems in a new residential complex in Derby. The project aimed to ensure the highest standards of fire safety through meticulous installations of various fire stopping components across the building’s infrastructure.

Scope of Works

The primary challenge was to effectively seal a variety of penetrations through fire-rated walls and floors, ensuring no compromise on the building’s fire integrity. This included cable and pipework penetrations that required precise sealing to prevent the spread of fire and smoke – protecting the building’s occupants. The objective was to achieve this while adhering strictly to the fire safety standards and manufacturer’s specifications.

Penetration Seals

Ark Fire Protection strategically installed Quelstop Ablative Batt for sealing cable and pipework penetrations through both 30 and 60-minute fire-rated walls. This installation included a combination of friction fit and pattress system applications. Each installation was aligned with the technical data sheets and specific details provided by the manufacturer to ensure maximum effectiveness and compliance.

Putty Pads Installation

To protect the integrity of electrical outlets within the residential apartments, Ark implemented Putty Pads at both single and double sockets. This measure is crucial in preventing the spread of fire through electrical installations, a common vulnerability in residential structures.

SVPS – Soil and Waste Pipe Solutions

Ark utilised Quelfire QWR collars on waste pipes and soil stacks throughout the building. This installation is essential for maintaining the fire integrity of floors by shielding the combustible plastic pipework against fire for up to 60 minutes. The installation specifics were followed as per the manufacturer’s detail to ensure the safety measures were accurately implemented.

Intumescent Sealant Application

The use of Quelfire Intumescent Sealant was a significant part of the project, aimed at sealing cable penetrations throughout the building. The sealant application involved a friction fit into plasterboard, carefully measured to maintain the correct annulus and depth as prescribed. This not only secured the penetrations but also ensured that they could expand under heat conditions to maintain an effective barrier against fire and smoke.

Results and Impact


The passive fire protection installations carried out by our team have significantly enhanced the fire safety of the residential apartment complex, directly contributing to a safer living environment for residents. The precision in adherence to installation standards and regulations ensures long-term durability and effectiveness of the fire protection measures.




Ark Fire Protection’s commitment to excellence and compliance with stringent fire safety norms has been demonstrated through the successful implementation of various passive fire protection systems in the residential apartment complex. This project underscores the importance of expertly engineered fire protection solutions in safeguarding lives and properties.

Our Accreditations

When it comes to Passive Fire Protection, you need a company that you can rely on. Ark Fire Protection is proud to be accredited by the leading industry bodies – ensuring that we always meet the highest standards of quality and safety, and that our customers can always expect a first-class service.


We’re also ISO 9001 certified, meaning that our quality management systems are regularly audited and approved. So when you choose Ark Fire Protection, you can be confident that you’re making the best possible decision for your property.

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